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Smiling Pixel Ninjas

19. dubna 2017 v 22:49 |  Artists

Electronic project, creating chiptune, casiocore and similar video game music with influences from other electronic styles.

SESO082: Smiling Pixel Ninjas - 2011 EP

19. dubna 2017 v 17:07 |  Releases

Released: 19 Apr 2017
Style: Chiptune, Casiocore

  1. Flame All The Time
  2. Run Far Away (Ver. 1)
  3. My Mind
  4. Never Meant To Hurt You
  5. Run Far Away (Ver. 2)
  6. To Be Continued

SESO081: P.V & Mr.gabber - Mushroom Tolerance

5. března 2017 v 17:48 |  Releases

Released: 05 Mar 2017
Style: Industrial Hardcore, Terrorcore, Speedcore

  1. P.V - Psycho Bells
  2. P.V - Take This
  3. Mr.gabber - Teenky
  4. Mr.gabber - Hovado

SESO080: P.V - Sound Adventures EP

5. prosince 2016 v 1:26 |  Releases

Released: 05 Dec 2016
Style: Freetekno, Hardtekno, Happytek

  1. Booze Tale
  2. Deme na jedno
  3. Obligatory Daily Routine
  4. Trust Me
  5. Bit In Wonderland

SESO079: Mr.gabber - Xaca Limited

18. srpna 2016 v 1:05 |  Releases

Released: 18 Aug 2016
Style: Terrorcore

  1. Xaca
  2. Xaca 2

SESO078: Mr.gabber - Bang Bang Bong

22. července 2016 v 17:48 |  Releases

Released: 22 Jul 2016
Style: Industrial Hardcore, Terrorcore, Doomcore

  1. Laxy Faxy
  2. Sony Game 2
  3. Squeeze
  4. Untitled
  5. Wreck Dance

SESO077: Mr.gabber - Against

5. května 2015 v 13:15 |  Releases

Released: 5 May 2015
Style: Terrorcore

  1. Against
  2. Against II

SESO076: Frontcore - One Of Us

6. listopadu 2014 v 1:10 |  Releases

Released: 6 Nov 2014
Style: Grindcore, Breakcore, Hardcore, Metalcore

01 Intro (I Have Sex With Mason Moore Everyday)
02 One Of Us (ft. A.Revenko & V.Mirtchev)
03 One Of Us (Drunk Optimus Remix)
04 One Of Us (ilx2usionist Remix)
05 One Of Us (BOB The Builder! Remix)
06 One Of Us (The Sickless Remix)
07 One Of Us (Athmosfear Soundcontrol Remix)
08 One Of Us (Dada Dead Remix)


2. listopadu 2014 v 22:53 |  Artists
Name: Vladyslav Smyrnov

Metal-Breakcore producer from Odessa, Ukraine.
The project has started in 2007 with track Into The Fire, in which Jungle-Breakcore and hard guitar riffs were combined. Already well-known song of Deep Purple in rendition of famous for that time band Amatory was enjoying wide popularity among fans of hard and electronic music. The track became popular in a flash and even became a soundtrack for a computer game. 2008 year became very rich for the project - participation in a few compilations with remixes on Botch, Soulfly and Static-X, tens of performances on parties and festivals, among those was also Red Alert (the biggest rock festival in Ukraine), and publications in press gave Frontcore the status of the one of most extraordinary and interesting projects on the territory of motherland and former Soviet republics. Also one very important moment for development of the project should be noted - acquaintance with guitar player of the band a.Rose Andrey Drew. After Frontcore performance on the presentation of a.Rose music video, musicians had become good friends and have started to work on cooperative tracks: Drew took the guitar and for vocal they have invited Maxim Fadeev. This co-operation led to track Illness and to remix on the song "Harvest" from debut EP of band a.Rose. But, according to Vlad, the main thing which the project has found for time of such co-operation were experience and qualitative approach of music recording. Skills and approach of Drew, who was working as a sound producer, made a new level in sound and quality of ideas realization requirements. Exactly this experience became core for that, what in future outgrew in Electric Pigs - project, in which Vlad was working with live guitar and vocal.

SESO075: Mr.gabber - We Hard, We Bounce

25. května 2014 v 13:31 |  Releases

Released: 25 May 2014
Style: Doomcore, Terrorcore, Industrial

  1. Unreal
  2. Unison Biohazard (Sickness)
  3. Valtery Chord No. 1

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